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How to enable dynamic GZIP compression on Azure Web App

Go to the Kudu on Azure First should go to Kudu on Azure. Please visit to get more insights. You can just add “scm” to your azure web app URL as follows. Find CMD console Then, you should navigate to the CMD console: Find the application Config folder Click on the “Site root” icon…

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How to add roles to members programmatically in Umbraco CMS

Let say we have a member with email The system has two member groups named: “Customers” and “Partners” To add a member to both roles you can use a handy method called ‘AddUserToRoles’ available in ‘System.Web.Security’ namespace: You need to specify the user name and desired membership groups (roles) array and that’s it. Once you…

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Setting Umbraco to work with Azure private storage

Umbraco media and Azure private blob storage insights Setting up Umbraco to work with Azure blobs is quite easy with UmbracoFileSystemProviders.Azure package when the blob storage has default settings and “Allow blob public access” is enabled. However, if you want to follow MS security recommendations and store media files on private blob storage – things get a…

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Resolving Umbraco Examine cannot index queue items error

Introduction Recently, while working with Umbraco 8.6.0 deployed on Azure I encountered an Examine error: Cannot index queue items, the index is currently lockedUmbraco.Examine.UmbracoContentIndex This is a nasty error that can cause a few problems like: Crashing the whole app for visitors Causing all kinds of back-office errors (searching, editing, examine panel overview) Making editors’…


How to rebuild all indexes in MS SQL server database

In this post, I am gonna share a complete SQL snippet allowing to rebuild all indexes in the MS SQL server database quickly. You can use this complete SQL code directly in SQL Server Management Studio or your tool of choice. Rebuilding the indexes can heal index fragmentation and make a key difference when it comes to performance and database maintenance. Why…

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Great Resources to Learn How to Use Umbraco Like a Pro [2022]

Do you want to work with Umbraco efficiently? Great! I found people getting confused trying to find relevant resources to start working with Umbraco CMS. For this reason, I have gathered the best links and resources so you could get better insights into Umbraco and start working like a PRO. Let’s jump in. Umbraco official resources Umbraco…


How to send form with attachment to DIXA in C#

What you will learn In this post, I am gonna share a piece of code allowing to send a message to the DIXA webform endpoint via C# programmatically. Before we go further, please make sure you’ve read the official documentation here: You will find there some useful resources on how to:  Set up a web form endpoint. Open a conversation thread using…

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How to get translation in Umbraco by dictionary key

This article will demonstrate how to get translation in Umbraco Cms using LocalizationService for a given dictionary key. Defining translations in the Backoffice At this stage, we need some data to work. Login to the Umbraco Backoffice panel. Go to the Translation section. Find the Dictionary section (left panel). Create a dictionary item called “Forms.ContactForm.ThankYouMessage”….


Reset the identity column value in MSSQL

How to reset the identity column value in the SQL server? To reset the current identity value for the table you should use DBCC CHECKIDENT function. It’s a great way to control the numbers sequence for the identity column. DBCC CHECKIDENT function is very useful for database maintenance and can be applied to numeric types: smallint bigint tinyint numeric integer decimal Why should use…

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How to set Umbraco CMS DateTime Picker programmatically in AngularJs

Introduction In this short article, I am going to show the steps needed to set up date-time control programmatically in the Umbraco CMS back office. Recently, I had to refresh the date time picker control value under certain business-logic conditions directly in the angularJs controller. I had some issues, so I decided to write this text and share my working code….

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3 easy steps to enable WebP image format in Umbraco CMS

How to serve Umbraco images in WebP format? It’s really simple with the WebP plugin ( – an awesome extension to the ImageProcessor package. With the WebP package and simple setup, it’s possible to expose Umbraco’s images in Google’s WebP format. By the end of this article, you will know what exact steps you need to take to enable…

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How to handle scripts bundling and minification in Umbraco CMS

Introduction There are many ways to make your Umbraco website load faster. In this article, I’ll cover the bundling and minification technique in Umbraco using native Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization library to show how to optimize scripts. Before we start make sure you’ve read my previous post on – How to handle bundling and minification in ASP .NET. You should follow…

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How to detect slow responses in Umbraco API?

Introduction In this short article, I am going to present a simple technique for detecting every slow response in Umbraco API with ActionFilters. It can be very useful when you need to: Find slow responses from the Umbraco API. Apply an efficient micro-benchmark technique without fireworks for use in a short time. Locate Umbraco CMS performance bottlenecks. Fix integration issues. Concept outline The principle of the…