Hi, I’m Piotr – Your New Umbraco Partner.

Looking for a Umbraco CMS consultant or developers?

Hire my brain to write or deploy code, fix problems, provide you with regular consultancy, and optimize your website to perform immaculately.

It’s time to grow your business without breaking a technical sweat.

Get Technical Audit first

Umbraco is the most flexible, easy-to-manage, cloud-based content management system (CMS).

You can use it to build various websites – from simple landing pages and lightweight e-commerce stores to complex enterprise solutions.

It grows rapidly, and currently, it dominates the market when it comes to .NET-based CMS.

Don’t believe me?

About 700k websites worldwide are powered by Umbraco, starting with all the big fish, such as Microsoft or Sony.

Why not WordPress?

I won’t beat about the bush – Umbraco is the best CMS for everyone who aims higher or likes having power.

It’s you who calls the shots, even if you don’t find yourself tech-savvy.

Who are my services for?

Planning a new site? Need an overhaul? Thinking about migrating your already existing website to Umbraco?

Confused about optimization, website design, maintenance, functionality, or improvements?

I’m here to help if…

  • You need regular technical Umbraco consultancy and advice.
  •  You’re not happy with your website performance and need optimization.
  •  You want to migrate from WordPress to Umbraco CMS to work with enterprise CMS.
  •  You want to update Umbraco to take advantage of the latest features.
  •  You need expert help to build a Umbraco solution with the highest standards and best practices.
  •  You’re looking for support for your existing development team.

What do I do exactly?

Well, for almost anything connected with Umbraco CMS, here are some things I do for a living:

Umbraco Consultancy and Support Services

  •   Umbraco technical advice or regular consultancy.
  •   Umbraco installation and configuration.
  •   Umbraco customization & integration.
  •   Migrating WordPress (or any other CMS) to the latest Umbraco CMS.
  •   Umbraco updates, which can be painful when it comes to the oldest versions.
  •   Migrating old Umbraco to the latest Umbraco.
  •   Consultancy on rebuilding an existing application (if you don’t know how to start).
  •   Umbraco website audit (click here to learn more).
  •   Maintaining the Umbraco solution.
  •   Training you or your team on how to use the above technologies.

Umbraco Development Services

I know you probably don’t want to read my tech buzzwords, so here are some common scenarios of stuff I carry out:

  •   You dream of a high-performance website, e-commerce store, or web application – I’ll develop it.
  •   You need a custom plugin/package/extension only for your website – I’ll build it.
  •   If you’re looking for a multilanguage centrally managed content solution – I’ll provide it.
  •   If you have technical debt and want to migrate your solution to Umbraco – I’ll do it.
  •   You’ve found some performance issues on your existing Umbraco website – I’ll fix them.
  •   You haven’t found any issues but want to check for any – I’ll detect them ✔️ Umbraco Health Check .
  •   You need to integrate CRM / ERP systems so that the applications talk to each other – it’s still me who’s there for you.

“But Piotr, why should I hire YOU?”

I’m a Umbraco Certified Master and experienced .NET Consultant who understands complex architectures and current requirements.

In the past, I used to resolve some complicated problems, and I graduated with a master’s degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics.

I have a strong maths background, analytic skills, and more than 16 years of experience in requiring enterprise projects.

Okay, okay… I know you’ve probably seen this kind of waffle on most of the Umbraco consultants’ websites. 

So, why me?

I’ve been running my own business for many years now. I’m not a typical computer nerd, as some might probably imagine (chill, no hard feelings).

I’m passionate about advertising, digital marketing, optimizing company processes, and taking everything I do to the next level. Do you think you have a non-standard, complex project? Need a last resort? Love that!  

Let’s be honest. It isn’t about the website at all. Your website is just a tool. It’s all about your business, your clients, your image, your money, and your life.

And I’ll do my best to help you use this tool to achieve your goals.  

Simple but true. 

✔️100% transparency ✔️100% engagement ✔️100% innovation

Want to bake something tasty together?

Email me at support@umbracare.net with as many details as possible.

I don’t take on every request that I get. I work with any niche, but you must:

  •   Think about a long-term partnership.
  •   Be open to unconventional solutions.
  •   Have enough budget to afford the professional service.
  •   Be prepared for commitment (yours or of the team responsible for working with me).

Yes. If you want to get one, here’s a link to my Health Check Audit Offer.