How to use Sort option to organize Umbraco CMS Content

Video: How to use the Sort option to organize Umbraco CMS Content

Sorting content in the Umbraco back office tree seems like an obvious function. However, several times, I have found out that people who start working with Umbraco are not aware of this feature. The well-organized & sorted content has several advantages:

  1. Editors can easily arrange the order of any elements by themselves.
  2. The back office gets clean and friendly to the eye, which makes the work easier and faster.
  3. Developers can easily query the data in the proper order for further processing without implementing business conditions.

Steps to sort content elements in Umbraco CMS back-office tree:

  1. Identify nodes you want to sort.
  2. Find the parent node.
  3. Click on the parent node and expand the menu.
  4. Find the ‘Sort’ option.
  5. Once you click ‘Sort’, child items should show up.
  6. Arrange the items in the desired order using drag & drop.
  7. Save the changes with the ‘Save’ button.

That’s it.

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