How to reset forgotten password in Umbraco CMS

Resetting User password in Umbraco via email

You've lost your user password and can't log in to Umbraco back-office? If so, go through the above steps to login and use Umbraco again!

Step 1: Navigate to Umbraco welcome page

First, you need to navigate to Umbraco welcome panel and click the "Forgotten password" link.

Umbraco welcome page - forgotten password link

Step 2: Fill email address linked to your Umbraco user account

Enter your email and submit the form.

Umbraco welcome page - entering email to recover

Step 3: Submit the form

Umbraco welcome page - reset password summary

Step 4: Check your inbox

Umbraco password reset requested email

Step 4: Set a new password

Umbraco setting new password

Umbraco is not sending emails? Fix the configuration

If your website is not sending the message correctly, you should check:

  • Email settings in umbracoSettings.config
  • SMTP settings in web.config

Find <notifications> section in \config\umbracoSettings.config file:

  <!-- the email that should be used as from mail when umbraco sends a notification -->
  <!-- you can add a display name to the email like this: <email>Your display name here &lt;;</email> -->

Set mail settings configuration in web.config file properly

      <smtp from="">
        <network port="[PORT]" host="[HOST]" userName="" password="[PASSWORD]" />

Once email settings are well configured, you should get an email to your inbox. 

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