Best keyboard shortcuts for .NET development

A keyboard is an important tool for programmers, whether you are coding or just typing away. There are some keystrokes that can save time when using your computer and make it easier to get things done. A shortcut might seem like a simple combination of two or more buttons pressed at the same time but there's actually tons of power behind them - they allow us software developers access shortcuts within programs we use regularly on our computers (such as programming IDE, OS, Microsoft Office) which greatly increase productivity levels while also saving valuable minutes each day spent in front of the screen.

It's easy to forget the shortcuts we use every day. That is why I prepared a list of all my favorite keyboard shortcuts so that if anything were ever forgotten, they would be at hand when needed.

Essential JetBrains Rider keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + E - Recent Files

Ctrl + N - Search Everywhere

Alt + F7 - Show Usages

Shift, Shift - Go to everything

Alt + Enter - Show Intention Actions

Ctrl + Shift + R - Refactor this

Ctrl + D - Duplicate Line or Selection

Ctrl + Shift + C - Copy Paths

Tab - Indent Selection

Ctrl + Shift + U - Toggle Case

Ctrl + Shift + G - shows a context-dependent drop-down list with all the possible navigation destinations.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Right, Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up, and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down - for quickly rearranging code elements including expressions, statements, type members, and other stuff in your code.

Ctrl + Alt + L - automatically apply your formatting rules to a piece of code regarding whitespaces and blank lines.

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A - Inspect this

Ctrl + Shift + B - Build solution

Ctrl + Shift + S - Save All

Ctrl + Shift + F1 - Quick Documentation

Ctrl + G - Go to Line/Column/etc

Alt + F1 - Select In...

Ctrl + Minus - Go Back

Ctrl + Shift + Minus - Go Forward

Alt + Home - Open Navigation Bar

F2 - Rename file

Ctrl + Alt + F5 - Attach to process (ex. type 'w3' and hit Enter)

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Essential Windows keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + N - Create new folder

F2: Rename file or folder

Alt + Tab: Switch apps

Alt + F4: Close apps

Win + D: Show or hide the desktop

Win + left arrow or Win+right arrow: Snap windows

Win + Tab: Open the Task view

Ctrl + Esc: Open the Start menu

Win + I: Open Settings

Win + S: Search Windows

Win + L: Lock your computer

Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open the Task Manager

Win + Ctrl + D: Add a new virtual desktop (hit Alt + Tab to switch between)

Win + X: Open the hidden menu

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Essential Total Commander keyboard shortcuts

F7 - Create a directory

Alt + F1 - Change left drive

Alt + F2 - Change right drive

Alt + F5 - Pack files

Alt + F7 - Find files

Ctrl + L - Show total space occupied (for selected files)

Ctrl + W - Close current active tab

Ctrl + F8 - show directory tree


As software developers, we spend most of our days typing on a keyboard. This means that learning about shortcuts is an essential part of improving your productivity and saving time. I recommend you take the time to learn some keyboard shortcuts because they can make it easier for you to do things like coding or working with OS, spreadsheets without taking up as much time.  

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