Have a problem with your Umbraco website?

Speed up your website by at least 45% and stop losing leads.


Umbraco CMS health check Audit

will detect all of your issues and concerns

– provided by Umbraco Certified Master

You’ve spent some serious money on Umbraco developers to build you an amazing website? 

Congrats, that’s the best performing CMS I know. But at the same time – it can be complicated and grows some technical issues.

Okay, maybe you do see the difference between good and poor design, but how can you know if everything is running as smoothly as it could? 

If you’re wondering whether your website is just as it should be, you’ve already noticed some disturbing problems, or just need a piece of technical advice, here I am. Ready to detect the issue, provide you with feedback on how to optimize your Umbraco experience, and (if you want to) fight the monster. 

I’ve been building and fixing Umbraco websites for many years, worked with clients from around the world, and seen… well… almost every serious (as well as stupid) mistake a developer can make. 

Umbraco Health Check Service is an extremely thorough audit from a real Certified Master with proven experience.

No obligation to any further commitment!

Sounds promising?

Who is Umbraco Health Check service for?

My Umbraco Website Health Check Service is primarily targeted at company owners, technical officers, and developers having a website built using Umbraco. 

Here are some common scenarios:

  • You need to validate the quality of implementation (from an external supplier or an internal department).
  • You want a professional assessment of website compliance and performance.
  • You’re looking for a good starting point for some enhancement.
  • You’ve noticed some disturbing issues (your website loads slowly etc.).  
  • Your Umbraco website is the core of your business and a primary channel through which you connect with customers. 
  • You don’t have enough time/resources to get the job done.

But is Umbraco Health Check really THAT important?

Well… yes, it is! Have you ever heard of losing leads? If your website isn’t performing well enough and doesn’t load fast enough, your business is simply losing money. Here’s why:


You never get a second chance to make it. So better keep potential customers’ experience at a top-notch level. 


Poor architecture, infrastructure, or code quality decreases customer trust – especially on websites where people leave their money (online shopping sites, learning platforms, etc.)


Studies show that… people are impatient. Keeping a site-loading speed of fewer than 2 seconds can help you keep about 47% more visitors! (check your load speed)


Load speed is still one of the most crucial search engine ranks. Want to improve your SERP without effort? Grab your coffee and I’ll do the rest.

Umbraco Website Audit Scope

So, what do I review on Umbraco websites exactly? 

  • Profiling using the latest tools
  • Code review (frontend + backend)
  • Code quality evaluation
  • Architecture and infrastructure overview
  • Checking the health of the back-office (both content and media)
  • Third-party integrations optimization.
  • Examine indexes review
  • Checking the website for SEO
  • Compliance and security review

Umbraco Website Health Check Report in 6 steps

Depending on the scope, I offer two Health Check packages – Kickstart and Full delivered in a non-bullshitty, non-pretentious way. Here’s what it looks like: 

Step 1 – First consultation

Our journey starts with a telephone conversation or a quick chat. Of course, I’ll have a few questions about your needs and concerns, so it’s best for you to know what areas you’d like me to check. The more detail you provide, the sooner I’ll get to find issues. At the end of our talk, we’ll set up the best time for report delivery. 

Step 2 – Kickstart Package requirements

Every Umbraco Website Audit starts with the Kickstart Package – the first and simple version of the analysis. At this moment, I’ll ask you for the latest source code and the database of your Umbraco website. In some cases, I will also need the media files. If you don’t want to give me full access, no worries. You can just send me password-protected files via a secure channel. 

Step 3 – Proper Health Check work

Once I have all the files, I’ll get down to work. Usually, the Kickstart Package health check takes me up to 3 days. In most cases, such basic analysis identifies most of the issues and potential improvements.

Step 3.1 – Full Package requirements (only if needed)

Let’s be honest. There are some slightly more complicated cases, and your website may be one of them. If more complex/low-level problems show up, I need to conduct a very precise analysis and check your infrastructure to diagnose them. That’s why I expanded my Umbraco Health Check service with the Full Package. It requires more precise expert analysis and takes more time. A full Umbraco Audit will certainly detect all website problems. I promise I’ll perform it with the highest accuracy.  

Step 4 – PDF Audit Report 

Once I complete the Audit, you’ll get your full Umbraco Website Health Check Report in a PDF file. What will you find there?

  • Complete review containing all of my findings – a list of errors and optimization opportunities.
  • Report from my architecture, infrastructure, security, and SEO overview.
  • Technical recommendations with prioritization of each fix, based on potential website performance, compliance, and load speed.
  • Expert advice on the best course of action.

Step 5 – Follow-up chat

I always finish my work by arranging a quick follow-up appointment. I’ll make sure you understand all the issues identified and know what to do next to repair them.

Step 6 – What next?

Our acquaintance can end here – you deal with the implementation on your own and I move to the next project to work on other stuff. I’m a pretty busy person who’s not used to dropping the ball. If you do need any additional support, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m ready to face the challenge, but the ball is in your court. 

“But Piotr, why should I hire YOU?”

I’m a Umbraco Certified Master and experienced .NET Consultant who understands complex architectures and contemporary requirements.

In the past, I used to resolve some complicated problems and I was fortunate to graduate with a degree in Computer Science M.Sc. and Mathematics M.S.

What does it mean to you?

Well, in simple terms: I have a very strong maths background, analytic skills, and many years of experience helping many businesses grow. Now it’s time for me to share with you all I know from the lessons I’ve learned.

Think of me as a doctor who’s ready to diagnose and cure all your website illnesses. 

✔️100% transparency 100% ✔️engagement ✔️100% innovation 

Let’s talk about your website

I must warn you – I don’t accept every project I come across. If you are serious about increasing your website health score, please email me at hello@piotrbach.com with brief notes about your problem, so we could agree on availability and pricing.


Yes, the report includes a custom list of action points to take. According to your situation, each issue will be described in detail and you’ll be given the specific steps needed for solving it.

Sure, Let’s discuss your requirements if you have more than one site to be audited.

I’m available to help with the implementation. Just email or contact me using any form of online communication you prefer.

I’m so confident in my knowledge that you will have a 100% guarantee and transparency. If I find no places for improvement, your money will be refunded.