Resolving Umbraco Examine cannot index queue items error


Recently, while working with Umbraco 8.6.0 deployed on Azure I encountered an Examine error:

Cannot index queue items, the index is currently locked

This is a nasty error that can cause a few problems like:

  • Crashing the whole app for visitors
  • Causing all kinds of back-office errors (searching, editing, examine panel overview)
  • Making editors’ work impossible
  • The sharp increase in log size causing additional storage costs. 
Examine Cannot Index Queue Items Error Log View
Log view – Examine cannot index queue items
Examine Management Index Error
Examine Management error – Failed to retrieve indexer details

Add SqlMainDomLock setting

You should follow the great thread here to get some good insights regarding Examine lock-related errors.

To resolve the issue consider adding an additional setting to your appSettings section:  

    value="SqlMainDomLock" />

Umbraco’s recommended configuration can be found here and the most essential part is:

    value="SqlMainDomLock" />
    value="EnvironmentTemp" />
    value="Examine.LuceneEngine.Directories.SyncTempEnvDirectoryFactory, Examine" />

Rebuild Examine indexes

Once you configure/fix the app properly, you should:

  • Delete all sub-folders in App_DataTEMPExamineIndexes (External, Internal, Members) with all lock files
  • Restart the app
  • Rebuilt indexes manually via backoffice panel (if index rebuilding does not happen automatically)


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