Best keyboard shortcuts for .NET development

A keyboard is an essential tool for programmers, whether coding or just typing away. Some keystrokes can save time using your computer and make it easier to get things done. A shortcut might seem like a simple combination of two or more buttons pressed at the same time, but there’s actually tons of power behind…

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Deploying ASP .NET app to FTP with Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline

What you will learn In this post, I will show how to configure the Azure DevOps pipeline – to easily publish an ASP .NET app to FTP server. How to configure the pipeline (5 easy steps) FtpUpload task is essential, please check the last step. To deploy all your files to the desired FTP location,…

How to disable ReSharper in Visual Studio 🔒

To disable ReSharper in Visual Studio you should take the following steps: Go to the Top menu. Expand the Tools Tab and find “Options” 🛠️. Click “Options” and a new window should appear. Find Resharper Section (you can use the search input to filter the results) and go to “General”. Click the “Suspend Now” button….

How to send form with attachment to DIXA in C#

What you will learn In this post, I am gonna share a piece of code allowing to send a message to the DIXA webform endpoint via C# programmatically. Before we go further, please make sure you’ve read the official documentation here: https://support.dixa.help/en/articles/175 You will find there some useful resources on how to:  Set up a web form endpoint. Open a conversation thread using…