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How to enable dynamic GZIP compression on Azure Web App

Go to the Kudu on Azure First should go to Kudu on Azure. Please visit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/app-service/resources-kudu to get more insights. You can just add “scm” to your azure web app URL as follows. Find CMD console Then, you should navigate to the CMD console: Find the application Config folder Click on the “Site root” icon…

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Deploying ASP .NET app to FTP with Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline

What you will learn In this post, I will show how to configure the Azure DevOps pipeline – to easily publish an ASP .NET app to FTP server. How to configure the pipeline (5 easy steps) FtpUpload task is essential, please check the last step. To deploy all your files to the desired FTP location,…

How to manage Personal Access Tokens with Azure DevOps panel

Managing personal access tokens (PATs) can be difficult and time-consuming because they are long strings of characters that are hard to memorize or keep track of. It’s easy to lose your PAT, which means you’ll need to create a new one – this process is tedious and takes up valuable time. Azure DevOps has made…

Finding Azure App Service FTP Credentials

Where to get FTP Credentials to Azure App in Azure Portal? To find FTP user/password Credentials to easy access Azure App Service you should follow the steps: Log in to Azure Portal. Find App service. Navigate to Deployment Center. Switch to FTPS credentials Tab. Go to the Application scope section, you will find username/password inputs….