How to manage Personal Access Tokens with Azure DevOps panel

Managing personal access tokens (PATs) can be difficult and time-consuming because they are long strings of characters that are hard to memorize or keep track of. It’s easy to lose your PAT, which means you’ll need to create a new one – this process is tedious and takes up valuable time. Azure DevOps has made this process much easier with their Personal Access Token Management panel. This tutorial will go through the process of how to find and manage PATs in the Azure DevOps Management app.

Before you can create any PATs in Azure DevOps, you must be signed to your Azure DevOps account. Once you log in, you need to locate the user icon in the right corner of the screen and expand the user settings menu. Once you do so, you will see the “Personal access tokens” option, which is the place we want to go.

Azure Devops Manage Personal Access Tokens Menu
Azure DevOps – User settings menu

The personal access tokens view allows us to control our Azure DevOps tokens fully, you can:

  • Add a new token.
  • Revoke token.
  • Edit token.
  • Regenerate token.
Azure Devops Manage Personal Access List
Azure DevOps – personal tokens view

Each token can be managed individually with its own settings, for example – the expiration date, the scopes (full access or custom), organizations, etc.

Azure Devops Edit Personal Access Token View
Azure DevOps – personal token edit view

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